No More Pain filling in Downline Builders


A new great browser plugin launched DLB Caddy.
It was Created by our associate Troy Wray.

Troy is the owner of Vital Viral Pro and created
the U-S auto mail ext for viral mail profits.


This s a browser extension and it works with
virtually every downline builder page in any
program – 97% and climbing in fact!

You’d have to see it in action to believe how
easy it makes it to fill in downline builders!

All you do is visit each downline builder and
it ‘learns’ your existing referral IDs and fills
in any missing ones.

Take the dirt cheap annual subscription and you
can even be notified whenever one of your downline
builder pages adds a program you’re a member of
so you can shoot straight there and enter your
ID before you miss any referrals.

It has every tool you need for managing your
downline builders like a pro.

It’s a great tool to have in your toolbox.

All the best