No Link, Only Information ~ part 4


As promised. here is part 4 of 6 in this series. Again, there is no link to click, only information.

How many types of traffic exchanges are there? There are two types.

There are Manual Traffic Exchanges and Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges: 

Manual - These are the exchanges that I most highly recommend and use as you have to manually click on them and move to the next site after so many seconds. This also means that you have to see the page to click on (and so do the other members).

Auto Surf - Most exchange users stay away from these as members can just start the surf and go about doing other things. There may be an occasional prompt but otherwise nothing stops the sites from rolling through without anyone seeing them.

Any results from Auto Surf exchanges rely on a MUCH larger number of "views" than in a manual exchange. Someone just happened to be there when a site grabbed their interest. Some sites may be combination exchanges which use both manual and auto surf in different areas. The quality of these sites would depend on the focus and commitment of the owner/admin.

Stay tuned for part 5.

To your success,
Mike LeMay

P.S. The service I am sending this email from will not allow me to send a message without a link. satisfy that requirement and for your entertainment, I've provided a link.