The Total Package

GDI, Global Domains International is a well known company that has the exclusive rights to sell the domain names that end with .ws. This is the one thing that makes GDI unique.

GDI has decided to share the wealth. GDI has made it possible for any one to earn a residual income online with GDI.

This is a win-win situation! GDI is a great place to get a hold of the good domain names in a .ws format. As you may have noticed all of the good .com domains are already taken, but the .ws are not

To start making money with GDI you just have to enter the 7 day free trial and get more information about GDI. As soon as someone gins up to take the free trial as well you are on your way to making income. After the 7 day free trial, if you decide this is not for you cancel before the end of the trial period. If you chose to stay with the GDI opportunity you will only pay $10/mo. for the .ws website and hosting.

You will earn a dollar for everyone that signs up under you and one dollar for everyone that signs up under them 5 levels deep. The main idea is that all people that are members get one dollar for 5 levels deep and there is no limit to how many level one members you can refer. The possibilities are endless.