Just Launched. A Big Time Saver!


New browser plugin DLB Caddy. It works in most
Downline Builders now, plus they’re adding more.

Troy Wray created it he is the owner of Viral Viral Pro
He also created the Ulti-Send ext at Viral Mail Profits

I got to help test it while Troy was creating it.
They like me testing it, if anyone can mess things up I can. lol
The testing does work out well, because a lot of the problems a new
user may have, were found and have been solved. Troy adds features often.

*Select Sync Referral IDs it fills in any missing IDs

* Click commit all Changes. This saves the whole page you don’t have
to save each individually. A real time saver some dlbers are giant!
No tedious filling in a database before you can use it.

*Saves new IDs to your account so they are available for future sites.
That info is saved in your account and backed up on a cloud.

You can always restore to the last back up so your info is safe.

Mark Wieneke