a must have PTC software

Buxenger Overview:

Buxenger is a free app that helps you organize, monitor and view
ads from your numerous PTC (Paid to click) website accounts. With
Buxenger you can view stats from all your PTC accounts in one
screen, view ads from all accounts by just clicking “Next” and
see all your stats in one place.

Buxenger supports dozens of PTC websites and the list keeps on

Buxenger Affiliate Program Overview:

Another unique service of Buxenger is its affiliate program. With
this program users can be referred to all PTC websites at once.
This is how it works:
You refer a user to Buxenger website using you personal link,
e.g. http://buxenger.com?r=john
User gets the Buxenger app and creates an account
User creates new accounts on several PTC websites using Buxenger
User becomes your referral on all these websites

Buxenger Premium Affiliate Program Overview:

Our Premium members receive an extra incentive that really pays
off: 1$ for every month of premium their referrals purchase or
50% of year and lifetime memberships.
You have 1 ref that buys 1 month Premium: You make 1$
You have 3 refs who buy 2 months of Premium: You make 6$
You have 5 refs who buy 1 Year Premium (worth 20$): You make 50$