How I Added Over 1,000 Subscribers to My Email List

I have added over 1,000 members to my list and YOU can, too, [FIRST_NAME].

Everyone understands that if you want to build your online business, you need to have a responsive email list.

There are easy ways to build a list and hard ways, but I have found one that has added over 1,000 members to my list all from a single, integrated system.

It truly turns my traffic from safelists and mailers into subscribers.

What I am talking about are the tools in the YOUR VIRAL SYSTEM!

You have a huge network of over 100,000 eager entrepreneurs and you can use the built-in tracking system that shows you all the best-converting sites.

I use all of the YOUR VIRAL SITES to promote my offers and my business.

The best way to use the system to build your list is to use a process called List Cycling.

There are 16 sites in the system that can deliver high-quality traffic to your lead capture page or offer.

One email sent from those sites can deliver 1,000 – 2,000 visitors.

Send those visitors to the best converting site in the network, or a lead capture page from Your Viral List.

Since all the programs in the Your Viral Network integrate with your auto-responder to build your email list, whichever program you promote adds subscribers for you.

Each time you email all the sites in the system, you could add 5-10 members to your list. That adds up fast.

Once the subscribers are on your list, you can “cycle” them by sending emails from your auto-responder to new launches and bonuses in the system, multiplying your referrals further.

The more sites you use, and the more traffic you send, the faster your list grows and multiplies.

Start with YOUR VIRAL LIST and add more sites as quickly as possible.

If you link your sites in the Your Viral Network together, using the linked Sites feature, you can email all the sites from a single form. No more logging into 15 different sites to copy and paste.
PJ Zito

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