Have a JOB or a BUSINESS? FREE Gift for you for reading this.

Have a JOB or a BUSINESS? FREE Gift for you for reading this.

There is a big difference between a job and a business, [FIRST_NAME].

Many people who come online don’t really want a business, they just want a job.

When you have a job, then a boss tells you what to do. You do it. You get paid.

When you have a business, then you have to learn and figure out what to do. You have to do whatever it takes to get results, then you get paid.

With a job, someone else determines your actions. With a business, you have to figure out what works.

Many people come online and blindly follow the instructions of whatever program they are promoting. like a job. They try to sell to cold traffic. They only use the swipe emails provided by the program. They don’t build a list. Then they expect to be paid, but no paycheck comes.

They don’t get paid because it isn’t a job. It is a business. You only get paid when you get results.

It is your responsibility to figure out how to make it work as a business person would.

If you keep treating your business like a job, then you will keep getting little to no results.

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PJ Zito