Have you tried the new…

 Have you tried the Newest Fad?
The latest online Gimmick?
The “Best” program on the net?
Didn’t work for you either heh?
Let me introduce you to GDI Team Elite.
We are not a “get rich quick” scheme, we are a steady as you grow, long term monthly income program based on the longest and largest program on the net, Global Domains International.
Global Domains International is a member
of the prestigious fortune 500 companies. 
The only business of this type that Paypal accepts. 
The safest Company on the net.
How Does it Work?
1. Join under one of our team members, use your
    one week free trial. 
2. Team Elite Membership is free.
3. Your Team Leader will send you your “Getting Started”
     email explaining how everything works.
4. The Next day you get “Your Link to Promote” email
     which gives you resources, ads, and most importantly,
     THE LINK!
5. The link allows all our efforts to go into one pot and the
     results spread out so no one has “lean” periods.
6. We all work to get you 6 sign ups across at which point
     you may be eligible to become a team leader!
7. We then work to get those 6 their own 6, and so on.
This is a SIMPLE to dublicate, cut and paste program. You do your share, you WILL get results. Just remember, patience is a virtue and WILL pay off!
Join us today and get started on the last “NEW Program” you will ever need.
Mellisa Louise
GDI Team Elite Member