Do you collect Shiba Inu Coins? Here’s My Top 5 Fave Faucets

Are you collecting Shiba Inu coins yet?
If you are or would like to start then
this email is for you.  I have put
together a list of my 5 top paying
Shiba Inu faucets. 

Shiba Inu coin is on the rise these
days and are still super easy to
collect using Faucets so it’s a great
time to get some! 

To use these faucets you will need an
(no cost to you). Then enter your EC
number at each faucet when you claim.  

At these faucets you may need to
complete a short link which is a series
of ad pages with captchas, when
completed you are brought back to the
faucet page to complete your claims.  

Ready to get your Shiba Inu coins?

Bookmark this page and return to it
daily to earn more. 

-Mellisa at EasyMoneyGuide