NEOBUX! Rent Referrals and grow your income!

Neobux is a great PTC platform working on the Ad Market since 2008! Is reliable and allows you to rent referrals for a small amount of money. Let’s do the math together:
2$ = 10 rented referrals for 1 month (YOU CAN SEND 2$ USING PAYPAL OR SIMPLY EARN THEM CLICKING ON ADS!!!)
1 referral = 0.02cents each day
0.02 cents x 30 days = 0,6$ dollars per month for each referral.
0,6$ x 10 referrals = 6$ on the first month…you earned 4$ with 2$ expense
…and you can have up to 2000 referrals when upgrading your account!!!
What are you waiting for? Try it…IT’S RELIABLE! NO BULLSHIT!
Thanks for your time…