Investment in shares for sensational money

Investment in shares for sensational money.

SkyWay – a group of companies with a trade mark, which will soon become very profitable, like Coca-Cola, Google and Apple. Financial holding is situated (United Kingdom), development and testing (Belarus) and the implementation of the (worldwide) transport of new generation on the basis of patents outstanding designer, inventor and scientist of our time – Anatoly Eduardovich Unitsky who developed 38 years ago, a string of transport technology.

Currently, this technology is in the final stages of development and testing before going to market. This is another milestone in the field of rail transport and urban development, which solves many of the problems of modern transport systems. Throughout this time, the technology was developed and popularized throughout the world the highest standard and has received the highest awards and reviews,
and also showed the usefulness of this technology to the market. In addition to the existing set of models and prototypes were carried out on the test page, which is fully confirmed in practice the theoretical calculations. So the matter is left to the development of the final project documentation, creating a site demo and wyjścina market shares (IPO) in May 2017 year.

Currently, the company is developing dynamically and through an equity crowdfunding attracted much private investment capital for which each investor receives a corresponding stake with a very large discount to the start (from 0,028 USD to 0.0022 USD per share) and a minimum package of $ 15. After leaving the stock exchange the original value of each share will be equal to $1.
Only until March 10 can be purchased in installments shares of companies with a very large discount for example.
$ 25 x 10 months = 26 250 500 shares
$ 50 x 6 months = 65 000 shares
$ 100 x 10 months = 220 000 shares
$ 200 x 9 months = 570 000 shares