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TokiAds is a top-tech advertising and Revenue
Sharing program, which consist on providing
quality high adverting to all participant’s
business and generate profits to it’s
TokiAds is designed to be a long-term

The revenue Share system allows all members
to start from the bottom line and grow up to
the top maximum in return profits. The
revenue is distributed to all positions in
the pool every 30 minutes.
Get-Paid-To-Click System will help everyone
to earn even more!

*Affordable Ad-Pack Positions starting at 1 USD
*15 Levels for sustainability and longevity
*Up to 200% Potential Return
*FAST Payouts open 7 days a week
*10% Referral Commissions
*Earn from from PTC clicks
*3 dollars minimum Add Funds
*5 dollars minimum Cash Out
*500 dollars Max Cash Out daily
*No sponsoring required to earn

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Fawzi Mohamed