This Is SUPER Simple!

Hello [first_name] ………….Leroy Malone here.

If you’re like most home based business owners,

you’ve probably tried a lot of programs online

and have earned very little or “NO” money online.

Well don’t feel bad that seems to be a pretty

common problem! In my online career, I’ve

experienced the same thing. Then one day, I

thought this is totally insane. I’m sure you

have heard the definition on insanity is doing

the same thing over and over but expecting a

different result. That’s when I puffed my chest

out and said, “I am going to figure this out and

start actually making a second income”. As fate

would have it, a few days later I was introduced

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That’s almost unheard now days! It seems like a

new so called “opportunity” is launched everyday

on the internet whether it be a new MLM(network

marketing) company or some sort of affiliate

program that’s going to fill up your bank account

with cold hard cash. The bottom line is almost

all of these “New Shiny Objects” are not designed

for the average everday “JOE” to be successful.

That’s why in the end most people struggle and

the so called “GURUS” end up making the big bucks!

Anyway let me wrap this up, the company I found is

designed with the little guy in mind. In fact,

it has nothing to do with…Pills, Potions, Deals

or Lotions. The owner is very accessable and has

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To your new found success,

Leroy Malone

P.S.-Did I mention…You don’t even need a computer
to make this work(unless you want to)!