Wow! You’ve got to see this.

My Bitcoin Daily was created to give quality advertising at an reasonable price while, at the same time, rewarding members who actively promote My Bitcoin Daily.

The first 1000 members to register, get a free matrix position.

Official launch is on Wednesday, March 23, at 7 pm Est. At that time you will be able to purchase a subscription that renews daily.

One subscription only costs 0.00009344 bitcoin (approx. $6.). It renews daily,
giving you 365 days of active positions.

You will receive banner and text ad credits daily.

Your first active matrix position will fall under your sponsor. Each day when when your subscription renews, that position will fall under your top position.

Refer just a few new members and watch your downlines explode with our daily
renewal feature.

100% matching bonus.

Get in with just 1 subscription or more and enjoy my spillover.