Best Cat Video Ever Made

Have you ever gotten screwed by random rants and reviews when you are trying to find a restaurant?

I bet you’ve browsed other review sites and read through some of the hilariously quotable, but not-quite-you reviews for your favorite restaurants and venues.

You’re you and that guy – well, that guy’s really upset about the silverware and the service and how-are-you-supposed-to-even-know-if-this-place-is-where-you-want-to-spend-the-next-few-hours?


Do you really want to read through more rants and raves to find dinner tonight? We can’t even.


I’ve been using the new dopl service and I really think you’ll enjoy it.

It’s been saving me time by quickly giving me restaurant and bar recommendations tailored to my unique tastes and personality.

And we are ALL unique!

And while we are trying to build a business, we need all the help we can get to make our lives easier.

It is eerily accurate. How’d they do that?

It’s free and you can find it at:


Take Care,
Lana Robinson

P.S. Make sure you click through and watch the video – it’s got to be THE BEST CAT VIDEO ever!