Quantum Energy The Quality Of Your Health

What if you could improve the quality of your health when you understand quantum energy?
This is my story. I discovered through a friend I trust the quantum energy program and because I grew up hearing about the body healing itself, I quickly jumped on board.
Now I have mild glaucoma in my left eye, cataract and membrane in the right.
I had to stop driving at nights because oncoming traffic lights blinded me with a starburst effect and I would have to pull over, and sometimes the eye would hurt.
Long story short I joined and immediately put on Vision infoboost and Inflammation infoboost. I had some serious knee issues that were nagging me. First, within 24 hours my knee pain went and the stiffness over the next couple of days disappeared altogether.
Now with the right eye almost closed – cataract and membrane, in about 3 days I felt this subtle difference…the tightness in the corner of the eye disappeared and the eye opened up a bit. Now after 3 months in I can now drive comfortably at nights, my eye opened up. I just wish that I could show you! I want to share it with the world.
Go to the link http://quantumnomads.club/?id=cohealth Watch the video to understand what I am really talking about.
Kind regards

Cosmos Parris

All I can say it has been an amazing journey and I am sticking with it.