Link Your Sites and use the Speed Mailer!!

Hi Marketers,
The NEW Linked Sites feature is live on all 18 sites
of the Your Viral Network.
If you want more traffic and more referrals in less time,
then you need to pay attention to this.
Now you can link your accounts together at all the sites.
This means you log into one account and have access to
all of them without logging into each one.
When you link your accounts you also give our system
the ability to get you more referrals at all the sites because
we will promote your referral links for you.
This is BIG and very effective. The more Your Viral sites
you belong to and link together, the more referrals and list members you get.
Just log into any of the Your Viral sites and click on the
Marketing Sites option in the navigation.
Click Link a New Site and then pick the site and log into
your account at the site you want to link.
It is then permanently linked.
Repeat for all the sites you belong to and now your Linked Sites
dashboard will appear at every site.
After you have done this, you can use the SPEEDmailer function
to send to all your mailers with ONE Click!
Here is one mailer you can use:
Linda Hoknes