Coronavirus: how to protect yourself

As you may already know…
There are over 65 cases of COVID-19 in the US.
With many more cases anticipated.
To prevent panic…
The Centre for Disease control STOPPED reporting the number of confirmed cases by state.
This is bad news.
It means the virus is more infectious than we previously thought.
And our government is trying to hide how many people are infected in each state.
It’s time to be proactive about this.
Here are the people most at risk:
● If you’re over 50
● If you have diabetes
● If you have a heart condition
● If you are overweight
● If you have a compromised immune system
● If you are a smoker
The fact of the matter is…
This is no ordinary flu. And here is why:
● We don’t have a “cure” or a vaccine. (a vaccine may take over a year to develop)
● It can be 4 times more infectious than the flu.
● It sometimes spreads through people who don’t look sick.
Which means you could get it from anyone, healthy-looking or not.
If your immune system can’t fight off the infection…
You die in agony from pneumonia.
The worst thing is…
If this virus really takes off…
You won’t even be able to get proper treatment because the hospital will be overcrowded
and you will die at home.
One way to protect yourself is to make sure your immune system is in top shape.
You see…
If your immune system can fight the infection effectively…
You won't get pneumonia.
And it will feel like the normal flu, even though it’s not.
So you will survive to tell the tale of the novel coronavirus.
Here’s a handy video that explains how to boost your immune system so you can
protect yourself from the coronavirus
Romana Mc Donald