The secret to financial freedom

Hi Everyone
If you are serious about starting an online business, well my friend you came to the right place. First of all remember this is a real online business not some scam where you pay money and never hear from anyone again. Every business whether you are online or offline cost money to start. This business you can start with $37.00 a month. That is an awesome price. When I started my offline paint business in 1987, I started with an old chevy van, I couldn’t afford to have it lettered so I hand painted the lettering on the side with a brush and some old oil base paint I found in my basement. I couldn’t even afford ladders, I started with ladders I made out of scrap wood I dug out of dumpsters. I took on the worst jobs out there that nobody would touch, every inch of the first house I took on was peeling. It was 95 degrees, I was sweating like a pig. By now you must be thinking I am crazy. The point is I didn’t give up. As I made money on each job I bought a tool, eventually I had every tool I needed including a new work truck all new ladders the job was now easier. The point is any business you start you have to build and invest in. Now this online business, the hard part is already done for you by Michael Force. You start with online training with an assigned coach that will take you to the end of the training. Then you have plenty of help to help you succeed for as long as your in this business. This is my last year painting houses.
If you want to succeed at anything you need a positive attitude and the ambition to do it. The rewards to this business are HUGE. Your whole world as you see it now, will change and the great part about it is you don’t need a college degree or even a high school diploma it is simple as can be.
Now it is all up to you my friend.
stay focused.
John T Ryan