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Hi everyone,

Russell here again with information
on the USA Lead Club I know you all
have been waiting for.

Hard to believe its been 3 months
since I first signed up with this
ad site.

If you’re not familiar here it is:


Hearing about USA Lead Club every single
day I just couldn’t help it and had to
join and see if they would make me any money.

Things got REALLY interesting..

Exactly 1 out of every 34 leads
USA Lead Club sent me has PAID
to join my program.

I’m not talking free optins here
I’m talking people with valid credit
cards PAYING to join my offer.

The result using USA Lead Club has been
amazing quite frankly and I don’t
think I’m going to stop using them
anytime soon.

Here are a few facts about the 135 leads
you get daily as a USA Lead Club member:

– ALL leads have valid credit cards
– ALL leads are ready to invest at least 100.00 in the right opportunity
– ALL leads are ready to get started right away

Need a reliable way to contact your leads?

That’s included as well.

* No charge Drag ‘n Drop Broadcaster
* Spam bin bypass system
* Zero Bounce 100% Guarantee
* Low mail queue times (15 min max)
* Broadcast daily

Every once in awhile a new program comes
along that changes the game completely.

I honestly believe this is one of those times.

It could very well be the first program
that makes you money on the net.

My name is Russell Davidson and I invite
you to come work with me.


Looking forward,

Russell Davidson

My Best Email: davidsonclan3@gmail.com

p.s. Come one come all! I’m in the
people business so join with me
and let’s make some money together