Developing an Online Business : Half-baked really doesn’t work that well


We need to be very aggressive about this issue. Half-baked really doesn’t work that well. While it may be more ‘warm and fuzzy’ to take a laid-back attitude and be very calm and passive so that things just have a natural flow, again in this scenario it is really not best.

Developing an Online Business : Half-baked really doesn’t work that well

Of course you probably can recognize superior negotiation skills involved in collaborating with others throughout the process (calm and passive). Particularly if there is any kind of disagreement or confrontation, we should definitely strive to stay on track lest we sabotage the whole project.

However as far as actually taking action to do anything that will help you to build your business in the most efficient, inexpensive way you should, you really should give it your most aggressive tendencies. Being aggressive should never include being a macho tough guy. We are talking about a very different type of aggression here that is targeted to specific actions.

As a matter of fact if you Google ‘aggression’ right now you will see a litany of negative connotations of this emotion up to and including violence. It almost always means trouble. What is being referenced though is taking that same negative energy and using it to get positive and necessary things done at the soonest juncture.

Sitting around and dreaming about what you know you need to do, or spending too much time trying to figure out how to do it will not serve your purposes. You really need to start with a plan and measurable target goals; and then use that aggressive energy to actually make something happen.

The plans and targets can change as you go along and find the best way to approach something. You can always improve whatever you initially planned. It is a good idea to document everything as you go along. Use an organized approach with multiple lists so that you know what you have done that worked and if it didn’t work, what were the alternatives and possible solutions.