Ready for your $1.00 trial? Yeah you are..

Hey,We are almost ready to go…!With what?Well, a couple things..First, we are rolling out a new $1.00 trial process for new members. That means you can offer EVERYTHING at GlobalNPN for just $1.00, which will give you 15 days to try out everything in the backoffice.Everything!- Our MMPro Autoresponder System- Our NPN Architect ‘drag-n-drop’ page and funnel builder- Our Ad tracking- Our Task Management software- Our Video Hosing- Our Instant Blog- + everything else..Secondly, I am putting the finishing touches on our brand new “mission accomplished” training program for our new members.This was a hugely popular process we tested out a couple years ago, and it is designed to work with the new $1.00 trial.The training teaches our new members how to use the tools in the backoffice and giving them “missions” to accomplish along the way.It gets them up to speed on how everything works, keeps them engaged, and gets them using our products immediately.NOTE: Yes you can sponsor other people while still within the $1.00 trial!THIS IS ALL HAPPENING VERY SOON! GREAT TIME TO BE A MEMBER..So there you go, that’s all for today!If this interests you, just hit “reply” and let me know ( I know you’re out there)..Thanks,- Geoff Stephen-