Dont follow my footsteps

I’m talking about the early steps I took when I just started online…

…when I was so much in a hurry to make money online that I would jump from one internet business to another.

I didn’t have the patience to wait for more than 30 days on any business before I switched to the next new method that promised me quick results.

Of course, I burnt a whole lot of money in the process, and frustration gradually began to set it.

If not for an old schoolmate of mine who advised me to stick to just one online business method for six months before changing it, I would have quit.

When I followed his advice, things began to change, and I started seeing results.

That encouraged me to stick to it and keep scaling up.

And that’s how I was able to get to the level I am today.

Unfortunately, I still see most newbies making that same mistake.

They keep jumping from one shiny method that promises quick result to another.

They don’t stay long enough with a method to see results from it.

If you’re guilty of this, I advise you stop.

Find one method that has been proven to work, just like the one I use.

Then stick with it for the next six months, and you’ll most certainly get the results you seek,

Remember, a rolling stone gathers no moss –  don’t be a rolling stone.

To your online success,



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