“Time Poor” or “Time Rich” ?


There’s the tale of the Investment Banker that works 80+ hrs. a week, never has
time to be with his family and enjoy life…

…He makes a cool $250,000 a year.

Now imagine this, there is another story of a man that only makes $60,000 a year.
In this instance though, he only works 10-15 hrs. a week. He basically works when
he wants, where he wants.

He spends a ton of time enjoying life, traveling and spending quality time with his
family and friends.

So let me ask you this:

Which would YOU rather be? Would you rather be absolutely miserable, a slave
to your j-o-b but you’re making a big income, never able to actually enjoy it?

Or would you rather be free, and still make a nice income as well?

The first guy is what we would call TP (no, not toilet paper silly!), it stands for
Time Poor. It’s the worst of poors.

Most of the world is Time Poor.

The second guy is (TR) Time Rich.

Tim Ferriss, the author of the 4-Hour Workweek would dub him a member of the
NEW Rich. (Please tell me you’ve read this book?)

I’m not sure what it is for you. But imagine what you would do each day if you
were TIME free. Likely whatever it is, it won’t cost you near as much as you’d

In fact, I’d recommend you take a few minutes and figure it out. You’ll see that it
likely hasn’t been a money issue as to why you haven’t been living like you want
and deserve, it’s been a time issue.
It’s a revolutionary concept that can set you free from the shackles of the rat