: :TIPS: : [FIRST_NAME], How To Earn BIG At Leased Ad Space (The Easy Way)


It is actually very simple to start earning at Leased Ad Space:

Step1: Buy your first traffic package, use this traffic to promote any of
your other offers. (all traffic package purchases are one-time payments)

Step 2: Share your Leased Ad Space referral links with others, when they
sign up and purchase their first traffic package you will make a instant
commission paid directly to you.

Step3: After you have three first level traffic package sales, use this money
to purchase traffic package number 2.

Now you are in profit, and it has funded the purchase of your next traffic
package, again use this traffic to promote your other offers with.

That’s it..DONE! If you want more benefits, buy the next traffic package.

This comp plan is the very best and is set up so more people, make more
money, more often, because everyone in your downline buys a traffic
package from a different person..

When you truly understand our comp plan, frankly, you will be excited as
hell because there is nothing like it online, absolutely nothing.


Farouk M

P.S. Still not convinced? Here are some quick stats:

-> US 8977 in commissions paid out since launched (only been 5 days!)
-> US 1261 today alone paid out to members so far as of writing this.
-> the last email I sent went out to about 700 members…Ever seen
a site generate that many commissions with so few members?