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Recently I was told that I have two forms of heart disease one is cardiomyopathy that already has caused heart failure for me and the second is 3v cad disease that is causing the vessels in my heart to harden up and not function right plus this is just my heart problems I was given 2 years at max to live when I heard this it devastated me for the first time in my life I was scared mainly because I would not be able to see any of my dreams come true and second I am no longer able to work, if you haven’t guessed by now by how I write that im not educated very well I barely have a 9th grade education and it is the most embarrassing thing about my life, thinking back on it I wished I had lived my life in a better way obtaining a better education would have been one of them, now the only thing I can do is pray and ask for all the prayer I can get in life . But because I have a lack of education I have only a few options for careers which sucks for me im no longer able to do them and being as South Carolina blocked Obamacare I have no insurance to speak of and this is why I am asking for donations to help buy my medicine [FIRST_NAME] Please Share this link and help save a life.

Btw I am not here to become a affiliate marketer I did this to get hits and views