First of all, nobody (at least nobody I’ve ever heard of) was born knowing how to write great ads or sales copy.
You have to learn it.
The problem is, most people just want to get online and make money..
NOT spend years and years learning sales copy!
So here’s what MOST people do:
They cheat.
Did I just say that? Yeah, here’s what I mean.
They cheat by just using what their company gives them.
Or they cheat by using what their upline give them.
And for sure, that is OK . What choice do they have?
It’s either years of study and practice..
Or cheat.
But..and this is a big but..if you’re going to cheat(and there’s about a 99% chance you will or already do) CHEAT SMART.
I have some very BAD news for you.
You are NOT cheating as smart as you could be?
Why use ads, capture pages and all that if 1000s of OTHER people are using too?
That’s cheating NOT smart.
Smart cheating is:
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Now thats what I call SMART CHEATING
dont follow the herd, Be UNIQUE
with any program or bizOp your in
Best success to you,
Viva La Revolution!
The Marketing Warrior

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