They are JUDGING YOU on this one thing

​Note: This may stun you. Click any link in this email and you will be taken to a page built only using Kartra. Then watch the video to see how easily it was made.


Guess What.

They’re judging me, too. So you’re not alone.

Here’s how it’s happening.

As soon as a prospect sees your website, they judge you.

They judge you by the way your site looks before they even read the first word of copy or watch the first few seconds of a video.

And that means that no matter how good YOU are, if your site’s not up to speed, they write you off as an amateur.

So on the surface, you’d think, [OK. All I need to do is a have a good-looking site and I’ll be golden.]

But it’s not so easy. If that were true, everybody with a pretty WordPress theme would be rich.

The [trick] is in having a great looking site that SELLS.

So how do you do it?

Well, you’ve got two choices:

Pay somebody an arm and a leg to design it for you AND write awesome copy.

— or —

Use Kartra’s tested templates with proven copy frameworks PRE-WRITTEN so all you do is type.

I’m betting you like option number two better.

And that’s why you gotta see this.

The page you will see here was easily built using Only Kartra Pages. Watch this video here:

It’s a quick demo of Kartra’s page builder in action.

One of the templates is getting (as of today) a 70.6% opt-in rate.

Another one is getting a 72.6% opt in rate.

And another is getting an 84.8% opt in rate!

Here’s a screenshot one of our users just sent in.

These pages WORK and you can start using them today with the press of a button.

See how here.

Ricardo Weatherly
Skype ID: hildogojones

P.S. The results I showed you above? Not a one-off. We hear success stories like this from our users every day (our Facebook group is blowing up with this stuff). Watch this video to see how easy Kartra makes it to get going yourself.


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