[FIRST_NAME], Get More Signups And Sales With Split Testing Made Easy!


Do you know what makes the difference between a pro marketer and an amateur?

Well, for one thing [FIRST_NAME], the results. Amateurs struggle to make a few dollars, while the pros make the big bucks!

98% of those who try to create an online business will fail without ever having earned even $100.

Maybe, we should look more closely at what the pros are doing?

One thing that they swear by is testing.

They test everything:

Add a new button to the sales page … test it!
Write a different subject line for an email … test it!
Try a new hook to convince the reader to click … test it!

Great marketers are constantly testing, because that is the only way to really know what works. It’s how you *REALLY* discover what motivates your customers to buy!

Testing turns marketing into a learning experience, and learning leads to better results!

However, who wants to fiddle around with testing tools, always wondering if you are “doing it right”?

That is why I joined Split Test Mailer [FIRST_NAME], because it has the testing built in.

You can put two versions of an email into their system and then let it do it’s magic!

They send one version to a small part of their list, and the other version to another small part. Then they track all the opens and clicks to determine which email performs better.

Once they know the winner, they send it to the entire remaining list!

By testing different parts of the emails over time, you don’t just get more signups and sales [FIRST_NAME], you get an education on how to get REAL RESULTS!

The best part is that they do it all for FREE!

Join here and get more signups and sales!

Ricardo Weatherly
Online Lists Builder CEO

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