Can An Internet Marketer Swim In A Shark Tank?

Great News [FIRST_NAME],
Yes, it turns out that internet marketers can indeed swim with
the sharks.

If you saw the “Donald Trump video” from Kevin Harrington
yesterday, you’ll know that Kevin has decided to share
some of his best content with the JVZoo internet marketing
community [FIRST_NAME], for free I might add.

By the way, don’t worry if you missed the Trump video, you
can still access it from this link:

What you don’t know that it took one of our own to convince
Kevin to do this.

You might know Ryan Allaire, he has been a prominent and
well respected internet marketer, content and product creator
for many years [FIRST_NAME], responsible for multiple Clickbank
and JVZoo bestsellers and helping countless marketers like you
on their way to success.

Ryan is a longtime fan and student of Kevin Harrington and
after having studied the Perfect Pitch Ryan was able to pull
A 180 on Kevin and turn the mentor into the student.

Ryan pitched Kevin and managed to convince him to share
His secrets on JVZoo [FIRST_NAME], and a lot of them for free,
right here on this page:

In this amazingly detailed case study Ryan reveals exactly
how he was able to pull this off and everything that went into
making it happen.

When you sign up for free instant access to the “Perfect
Pitch” case study today you will also get access to all of
Kevin’s future content [FIRST_NAME], Including free access to
an exclusive webinar and Facebook live session where you
can ask Kevin question directly!

I highly recommend that you go watch this video today
and get yourself signed up for all the future content too.

To Your Success
Ricardo Weatherly
Online Career Builders CEO
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