This is The Future Of Marketing – Are You Ready for It?


We are in the Final stages of preparation for this business launch which is intended to be Unique, Clean and Different. 
The signs are that this is not just going to be a Business but
This NEW program works amazingly well for any business you already have or want to promote online.

If you don’t want to build any other business, then you will love it. This is a complete business on it’s own, you won’t need anything else!

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Get excited about owning a GLOBAL Internet business where we provide  ALL of the tools and technology to achieve your goals with 100% automated  Artificial Intelligence!

No Recruiting!

No special skills are required
No more waiting
No gimmicks 
No hard work, no long hours
No complication what so ever
No competition
and NO more disappointments, Enough is Enough!

You will have all the training and personal support you need to ensure your success 1000%

If you’ve tried other opportunities in the past that have failed to live up to their promises, this new  business can change that forever.

Your past does not have to be your future.You must do the things today that others will not do, so that you can have the things tomorrow that others will not have.

This New Revolutionized Internet Marketing Solution is Launching Soon!

Top Marketing Automation – 100% All Done For You!
* Guaranteed Visitors To Any Website
* New Breakthrough Marketing Products
*100% Hands Free
* New Breakthrough Income Opportunity
* Almost 4000 Worldwide Founder Members including Top Marketers have already joined.
* Artificial Intelligence At Its Best
* An Honest Solution To Your Needs

There will be a high demand for this Business and so statistically we need to be prepared for a HUGE Membership. We have a COMPLETE and 100% AUTOMATED MARKETING SYSTEM! 

It will build your BUSINESS!
Or be YOUR ONLY Stand Alone Business.
The Company is in Pre-Launch and  only offering Founders Positions for a short time before launch.
Get more info on becoming a Founding Member

1) Early invitation before the general public
2) Priority Positioning
3) Priority Access
4) Beta Tester
5) Member of Inner Circle
6) Help with Brainstorming
7) Have the Privilege to suggest / vote / give feedback
8) Access to Exclusive Live and Recorded Webinars
9) Priority Notification and Positioning in all future Income Streams and Programs
10) Recognition on Marketing Material and Funnels
11) Exclusive access to Founder Zone
12) Exclusive Founder campaign Rotator during pre-Launch to 500,000  Pre Qualified Subscribers! Immediate Post launch campaign to over 2,2000,000!
13) Ongoing Bonus Contests. Top Position Profit is split weekly between Top 10 Founders
…… and there will be much more as the program evolves.
14) Get a 90% discount on membership before launch!

 These are the details on how to obtain a year’s Founder Position  Pro for just $97.
This is a LIMITED OFFER. Six months  after the program launches, Founder Membership will be available again, but at a cost $997!

If you have not yet taken a Founder Position then please get this 23 minute video presentation, by GDI‘s Top Recruiter for many years. Please feel free to contact me for the vid and all of the Founder application information, at founder7win ( this sender does not allow email addresses in the ad body, so please just add after founder7win , so that your email will get to me.)
PS – The Landing Page that you see is just a place holder until we launch.                  
Regards, Harry Covert, Founder