[FIRST_NAME], Actual Work Expected!

[FIRST_NAME], Actual Work Expected!
Internet Marketing has reached the pinnacle of insanity.

Here is a new training site that says it teaches you to succeed
using All In One Profits, Global NPN and other multiple income streams.

And can you imagine? They come right out and say in their ads
that you are expected to do “actual work” for an hour or two every
single day, and you WILL NOT MAKE a DIME for the first 5 Levels.

And they seem to expect people to be interested!
Is that cheeky or what?

Who would be interested in a future that depressing?

Of course, if they are that honest, maybe the rest of their projections
are true also.

Maybe you really will make $50 a month by Level 10, $232 a month by
Level 20 and $1710 a month by Level 30, with only 6 direct referrals. No
sense telling you what they are projecting for Level 40, as you would not
believe me anyway.

All this for a $25 investment.

It could be true. You never know.

They call themselves The 10K Challenge.

Evidently if you want to know more about it you are expected to type
in your name and e-mail address.

I told you they were cheeky!

Regards and Success,

Gary Sisler

Skype: gssisler