Such an exciting time in MMMGlobal

HI [Full_NAME],
So many of you have funded and are doing your daily tasks
and are watching your deposits grow. It has been very
exciting and brings me so much joy to know that everyone
is making money each and everyday, having funded and
gotten started.

Some of you are for sure missing out. I hate to see that
happening to you. This is such an amazing opportunity
to do so little and achieve so much over such a short
period of time.

If you did not get to see this Letter of Happiness from a
post yesterday….here it is….

Assistance received: $542,780.00 usd

Dear everyone, my name is flyhigher. I am a 10 thousand manager of MMM Global. I am from Guizhou, China. The bonus accumulated to 542780 US Dollars from October 22th to 30th. On 10.30, I sent a request of getting help from the community for 542780 USD. The community matched me after 15 days on 11.6 with 352 members all over the word to help me. Today, I received all the money. I am so happy and grateful. So I make this video and share the happiness here. Thanks, all the participants for your help. Thanks, Mavrodi Sergey for creating the best system in the world. Let’s together change the world

If this doesn’t yet wake you up to the possibilities of
financial success, well, what can I say, but you are just
not understanding the power of compounding!

Congrats to those who are earning daily! Me too and here
are my stats of 51 days in the program. I have $240.00 in
my pocket and $2756.82 available for withdraw.
Nowhere else on line for a mere $10.00 + $620 later on and another
$10 total deposits and sharing because I care, could I have
done this.At the end of this month my balance will be roughly $4500 and I will take out $450. This number doubles every month if I do my task each day (5 minutes) and once my balance is over $10000 I will increase the percentage of what I take out.

This is doing everything it is suppose to do!