How to get BUYERS without selling a product (ingenious)

Hi [first_name],

Many years ago, I was trying to get anyone and everyone to 

join my list…
I could get 100 to 200 subscribers doing ad swaps or JV giveaways…
Then it dawned on me that I'm wasting my time getting
freebie-seekers on my list.
I needed buyers.
I found I could spend even LESS time to get MORE buyers.
And I want you to know this too.
GET BUYERS on your list.
Not freebie seekers.
100 buyers is way more valuable than 100,000
If you're still chasing anyone and everyone to get
on your list, this is a wake-up call!
Here is one technique you can use right now..
1. Get your product that you sell (or create one worth selling)
Put it up on a website with sales letter/order button


2. Approach other product creators and propose a customer list ad swap.


(An ad swap is when you send a promo mail to your lists for each other.)
The only problem with that is that you need a list of
buyers first so you can actually send some traffic.
So you've got to get those buyers through advertising
and putting them through your funnel. It basically comes 
back to list building and email marketing…
But what if you could automate the technique that I outlined
above, that you'd get the buyers on your list (by swapping)
on auto-pilot.
Yep, a set and forget buyers list.
list building technique to get buyers.. and not only that,
how to make $500 a day on autopilot with it..

NOTE: This does require some work. There is no magical
push-button solution for this technique. If you're willing to
put in the work, the pay-offs can be amazing!