Friend, He Now Has a House and a Car!

Hi Friend

I have been sharing with You how the Company I Joined Last Year is Changing my Life Every Day!

That continues Every Day… I just keep progressing…


I just wanted to share something with you that I am sure will encourage you!I

It is Richard A’s story… …

Although getting a new microwave for the kitchen might not be a big deal for most folk, for Richard A it was no ordinary purchase!

Richard shared a video just recently showing him unpacking his new microwave.
This video was very significant for him.


My Advertising Pays, the same Company that I am with, has changed Richard’s life in a massive way!

From living in a poor standard bedsit to now owning his own house, own car and now able to cook food in his own home!! Just an ordinary guy at the bottom of life until My Advertising Pays came into his life and changed it beyond all his dreams.

Well done to Richard for not giving up and making all the excuses to stay at the bottom of what life sometimes throws at one.

Remember you only fail when you make excuses and give up.
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My Advertising Pays (MAP) looks after those at the bottom as well as the fortunate ones at the top of life!

All YOU need to do now is TAKE ACTION.
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To YOUR success
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Gillian Lourens