Why MXR is better than MAP or TM

there will be some new settings on “MyAdvertisingPays” that might not satisfy a lot of their members, so here you have some arguments for those who want to know “Why MXR is better than MAP or TM”.
Regarding the changes of MAP we will also modify some things to let MXR have STILL the “best paying” of all 3 companies.
1. Every member has to pay a monthly membership fee to get revenues at MAP! – MXR has NO membership fees to pay.
2. They only pay 10% for purchases via processors in one level and reduce the commissions to 5% for repurchase/mainbalance purchases.
3. They will go from 120% to 110% in adpacks. We still have the 110% and this is at TM also at 110%.
4. Maximum Adpacks are now 1000 (not 1200). We have UNLIMITED Millionaire Adpacks, as well as TM. – Your should aim for having 2500 Millionaire Adpacks.
5. MAP doesn’t have the 95/5 repurchase rule any more. Now they have 100%. We also have 100%, because the 50/50 rule is for those who want to buy more adpacks or to build a matrix at MX500/MX9.
6. MAP is putting the commissions and revenues ON HOLD for 30 days and releases the earnings after 30 days. MXR commissions can be claimed on a daily basis. (Anyway, due to some fraud transactions we can’t offer the instant withdrawals any more)
7. MXR is paying commissions in 3 levels. MAP and TM only in one level.
8. TM is paying 110% within 55 days (2% per day). MAP was paying 120% in approx 120 days (1%). MXR is paying 2.5% DAILY what makes our 110% be true in 44 days.


As MXR wants always be the best and stay the best and be transparent in all decisions we (James & me) were thinking about reduce the commissions for repurchasing adpacks (buying adpacks with repurchase balance) to 10%, instead of 20%. Reason: This commissions are paid for not-real money. We should only pay money for real payments that come in from processors. Most of our members aggree to this important step, as they want to have a strong company that pays for years and doesn’t say “game over” like the latest negative example “hqrevshare” – Many of our members promoted them with 158% revenue in a short time. And now? They are “out of order”.

With this modification we will STILL have the biggest commission-plan with 20% for adpack-purchases (TM: 10%, MAP: 10%) and 10% for repurchases (MAP: 5%, TM: 10%). MAP and TM are the only serious and sustainable programs on the market without giving unrealistic 130% or more and they lasted for more than 1 or 2 years. MAP and TM are our “blueprints” and currently we have the BEST payplan from all. In times where our biggest competitors reduce their earning-potential we should also be able to modify some things to ensure the stability of our platform (If they will increase their earnings, we will – of course – do the same to always be one step better). So, what do you think about this little modification that helps to ensure our fixed 2,5% sharings, 110% in 44 days and 20% real-commissions in 3 levels and – THE ONLY CHANGE – 10% commissions on repurchases, instead of 20%? (The outer income for MXR is too small for MXR because only a few members click on the external links at the moment. MXR gives 12,000+ USD revenues back DAILY, but the external income is approx. 5,000 USD MONTHLY. – Every one of us can increase the external income that is shared with us. You all know how…)

You ALL can help to let our MXR business grow. You ALL can increase your own incomes by referring new members that purchase adpacks. And yll of you can go for the big aim: Be one of our 25 AMBASSADORS that reach the 2500 Millionaire adpacks and get 1% of all company profits by the year 2020.

Say YES to success and go for it!
Janus Nowak, techn. admin