Tirus is a revolutionary IT company that allows individuals to generate income!
You can multiply your income a thousand times once you become our investing business partner.

We offer you an opportunity to create a new trend and earn income together with our application created for professional network marketers.

Anyone can become a Tirus partner by a minimum of 10 dollars.

Share the application with your friends and receive 1 of 25,000 shares of the company for every 40 registrations.

Our generous compensation plan helps to refer new partners in our business.
When you select a package “Easy” and purchase it once for 10 dollars, you can earn thousands of dollars. If you ambitious and pass all 10 rings your income will grow up to a few thousand dollars a month. You will be able to earn more income with packages “Medium” and “Hard”.
Why must you consider our company:
Participation in a unique compensation plan with business rings.
Earning commissions by launching and developing a mobile messenger plus receiving a certain percentage from its growth

Legitimacy and transparency, as an Office program in different cities
Incentives and tours to different countries for active partners
Educational system for each partner at no cost.

Tirus is a unique system that generates income. Join us now and reach a new level of financial freedom.

Tirus – official video: https://youtu.be/hgpqJN4jJpg

Thanks Petr