Spacespay. This project was created a long time but the project itself was launched about a few weeks ago, but he knows about it yet little people and that is why I would like to introduce him. Vlasta first real massive campaign will begin in approximately three weeks in the form of advertising on television, radio, giant billboards and the like. These massive campaigns begin in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany.
 It is a special social networking site, such a specialized search engine that helps you find business partners, friends and the rest of the information and news you will learn with us on the Web or on
and we will show registration, which is free here, and here you can actually make money just by advertising that you will receive. You can receive them directly to SpaceSpy or for mobile applications there is also a special PREMIUM membership.
If you have registered for free for viewing ads you get a 0.05 EURO, but if you’re PREMIUM members receive € 0.10 and can be found in the administration of such code to copy and recommending here SpaceSpy friends and if someone registers through it, you get one point and 2 EURO on your account if that person buys a Premium Account, unless that person bring another person, you get another point, the more points you get the more EURO for new members (more below). You earned money, you can always convert to your PayPal account.

  REGISTRATION: https: //