The Ultimate Buyer Intelligence Tool (ONLY TODAY)

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The Ultimate Buyer Intelligence Tool

FreshKey Keyword Analyzer Is Fast And Accurate
Search Amazon, Google, YouTube, Etsy and More For Buyer Keywords in Your Niche Market…

It’s like Google Suggest for Amazon. You know Google Suggest? It’s the tool that lets you see what people are searching for now because it’s not based on a database that could be days or weeks old. It’s FRESH keywords from Google based on FRESH searches.

FreshKey is the same basic idea but applied to Amazon which is, of course, one of the world’s biggest search engines… and one of the world’s single biggest marketplaces.

★You get unlimited searches
★Google Trends data is pulled along with the keyword niche ideas so you will know right away if its and upward market.
★The FreshKey tool will sort popular keywords by rank for you
★Has many different uses. Find hidden niche goldmines, generate new ideas that you can use for blogging titles and urls as well as SEO and PPC.
★If you are an affiliate marketer it can help you to find the products people are searching for so you can promote them