Maximizing Conversions to your Offers and Lead pages!

My colleague Wilco de Kreij has been a full time online
entrepreneur for 12 years, and he takes conversions
more seriously than anyone I know.
He’s created numerous award-winning tools to help fellow
marketers, many of which are used by thousands of
people daily.
Wilco has just created a 3 part video series about retargeting
and how you can improve your conversions and profits.
In this 1st video you’ll discover:
• The marketing “rule of 7” and what it means to your business
• The huge flaw of traditional retargeting that means most
advertisers pay more and get less, and how you can avoid
this happening to you
• Wilco’s template for his best EVER converting retargeting ad, that
you can use yourself WITHOUT paying for designers or graphics
There’s no cost to see the video and nothing for sale. Just straight
talk from a conversion master.
Once you’re registered for the 1st video, you’ll automatically be
notified when the next part of the series is ready.
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