Help from Above AND Below – Everyone Succeeds With 5050 Crowdfunding!


50/50 Crowdfunding is the world’s first peer to peer Cooperative Crowdfunding System where you always receive half of everything that happens in your matrix FOREVER!

50/50 Crowdfunding System that provides both Help from Above and Below and you can receive donations seconds after registering.

50/50 Crowdfunding’s peer-to-peer Donation Payment System means you receive immediate payments directly to you to the payment option of your choice. No middleman and 100% of All donations are immediately assigned to a beneficiary.

You can use the funds you receive for any purpose, to start a new business, expand an existing business, charity, pay off debt/student loans, pay mortgage, buy a home, buy a car or simply to supplement your retirement income.

Learn how you can become a part of this dynamic cooperative crowdfunding system where you can join today and receive funds today!

Your Partner In Success,
Edward McKinney