[FIRST_NAME], let partner together…

When looking for a home based business, look for these things…….
•88% Customer Base
•Provide a simple way to make $500-$3,500 first 30 days!
•No Distributors
•No Big Buy-In
•No inventory
•NO Pricing Competition on Amazon or EBay!
•Over 96% reorder rate means sustainable income for you
•Lucrative Costco like business model with an online shopping Amazon like delivery system that focuses on customers by delivering everyday products at a 40-50% discount directly to ones doorstep.
•500+ Healthy products for your family
•SavingTime and Money!
•Less than 5% market penetration in the US
•All products made in the USA

Need I say more?

No need to sell someone products they don’t need… they are literally choosing a better way to shop for the products they already need. You are helping them redirect the money they are already spending at Target, Walmart, etc and connecting them directly to the manufacure. The best part is that it is for higher quality products and better prices then the big name stores. It literally can’t get any simpler.

This month only… get started for $1 and PLUS get $20 deposited into your Paypal account after your first order. That will help you get you started off on the right foot! Literally ZERO RISK… YOU ARE OUT NOTHING.

We will help you develop this into a successful business and start earning within your first month.

To your Success,

Dan and Natalie

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