Your New TE & Candle Store!

Some of you may know me, and I hope it is a good memory.
I have been away from marketing and have not had the opportunity until recently to give it the attention it requires.

I did not know I had a daughter until she was 27.
She her Brother and her Mother were deported to Canada in the mid 80’s. I was finally able to join them in 2020.
My daughter lost the father of her child (My grandson) before he was born and struggled to raise My Grandson on her own with inadequate assistance, and surrounded by people who would only tear her down. She wound up having to give the child up for adoption.

I find this to be unacceptable.
My failure for not being there can not be erased. But while I’m here I intend to do what I can to correct the situation and the outlook.

I’m starting a new business, on and off line. I make and sell candles & gift baskets, But I use the TE script in order to make and keep track of sales, commissions and whatnot.

I feel like I should tell you about my last business venture that netted the company over $250K in 7 months, but as much as I’d like to brag, I give all the glory to God.

Here’s My offer: When you join for free and promote this site, you make 10% of the referral sales. Sell some candles, use the commissions to upgrade, then get 50% of Referral sales. “Insomniac” members get even more.

You do not need to Pay to Be a Member, But You do need to be a Member to get paid!
Join Us at midnightcandle(dot)store

I hope you join,


Dennis Hagan