YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you!

[FIRST_NAME]I’m kind of excited about starting the new TE and Candle Store.I am truly looking forward to being able to pay my members forhelping me expand. Sign  up today for free and receive 10% ofany referral sales made through this website.Upgrade and/or buya Candle (Upgrade Included With Purchase) and you’ll receive 50% of any referral sales.
The Candle is 100% Pure Beeswax 16 Ounces Unscented or since, everyone tells me it can’t bedone, I’m calling it the “Non-Scents” Line. I think it’snonsense that no one believes in small businessanymore. I’m hoping you will help me prove the non-believers wrong. The Candle/Basket sells for$150.00 currently. We do plan more options in the near future.
You are no doubt familiar with Traffic Exchanges?The “Midnight Candle (dot) Store” is new andparticipates in the Viral Traffic Games. If you’re notfamiliar with them, you really should join us.We’re scheduled for a slot on 1/16/2021. That’s the day between my birthday and my wife and it’s 5th yearwedding anniversary. We’ve been kept apart due to circumstances and family issues beyond our control.I am not able to work currently,so this is the only wayI have any hope of being able to contribute to my familyfinancially. PLease help by joining today and buying a candle if you can, or perhaps some credits. Any purchase will get you an upgrade. 
Commission payments are currently on hold for 2 daysor until the P sees more transactions “As you’re a new seller with PayPal, money you receive from your buyers will be placed in your pending balance and will be temporarily unavailable. This money will be moved into your available balance within 21 days. ”
THat’s what they told me.
I hope you join me!
Dennis Hagan