I really need YOUR help!

I’ve been dabbling in On-Line marketing for several years and although it’s always been a unique learning experience, something always seems to tear me away from it. That something is usually a J.O.B.
I’m not opposed to having one; however I currently find myself in a foreign land with strict controls that prevent me from competing in the job market.  Therefore I can attempt this again; My wife insists we sell something tangible so we’re selling candles, lotion bars, java body scrubs and whatever she can teach me to make. I’m hoping to get help from the grandkids.

We’re also a traffic exchange. New? Yes. Experienced? KInd of. I’ve been playing with these sites for years, always have fun…

I started the “Midnight Candle Store” because I wanted to have a fun website to play with, I admit it. But it’s because it’s so much fun I was able to learn a little about a great many things “coding, kharma, common sense…”. I still claim to know nothing. I have a big problem in that I have a tendency to give everything away..

My wife says she expects to see results. So I’m begging for your your help to keep this thing going! She needs to see something coming in ASAP or
I may have to close before I’m actually ready to open! I have a lot of work to do to do it right.

Once again life is throwing me a curveball.

So I am making this offer/request,?

The first 100 members to make any credit purchase (2.99 or more) will be manually upgraded to the “Insomniac” level, where you will earn 50% of any referral sales.
Please join, surf and buy today.
Marty and her crew assure me that they are working on the VTG issues.
Thanks for reading!
Dennis Hagan