===>>>Want Success Help others first..here’s how!


Dale T here,

I assume since you’re reading this mail, you’re promoting something online…

Am I correct [FIRST_NAME]?

So does everyone else who is reading your ads.

Instead of asking them to stop what they are doing to join YOU(not very likely)…

Why don’t you share with them how your product will HELP THEM
do what they are doing better(ie faster, cheaper better results etc)?

Remember the Gold Rush…
The people who made the most money were the people
who SOLD THE TOOLS that would help the gold seekers do there
job more efficiently etc.

Speaking of that…

Here is something that NO MATTER WHAT
you’re doing online THIS will help you!

Take a minute to check it out here

YOU can thank me later!

To Our Success,
Dale G.Thomson
Online Entrepreneur