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I’m going to give you a little lesson about cloud processing – but if you want to skip ahead and just go grab a ton of cash for absolutely nothing…go check out this link:


Okay, so here’s how this whole thing works:

Matt And Jonathan were running an experiment with could processing…now, I’m not going to go in to too much detail about this whole thing…suffice to say that it runs sort of like a Neural Net Supercomputer.

Basically if you’re in a region with enough people who are running this software, you will join that “cluster”. If that cluster is big enough, a centrally located machine will act as a “node”.

Now here’s the cool part…when you run the test, it’s going to geographically locate you and see if you’re near such a “cluster”.

Go here to run the test:


The more people join the cluster, the stronger it gets, the more efficient it gets and the fast it’s able to run the “P.N.A.T. – which is short for Predictive Neural Automated Trader”

Look, there’s a lot of jargon floating around here and it might sound a little bit complicated at times but all you really need to know is…

…if you run that test on the site, and your cluster strength is over 1000 – then just follow the instructions and you’ll be raking in tons of cash mere minutes.

If you want to know why they’re giving this away – it’s obvious – the more people join the clusters, the better it is for EVERYONE!

We all make more money, faster!

Jonathan and Matt only even realised what they had on their hands when the brokerage they were testing on called to ask if they wanted investment advice for the $1.8million that they’d accrued!

This is just phenomenal!

Check it out here:



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