Earn $5 Daily Free Entry into 6 Lottery’s Monthly


Would you like to receive $5.00 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, 365 days a year, Guaranteed, just by doing 2 minutes work a day.

An almost passive income, you just need to login every day, to prove you are active.

To earn you have to make a Deposit (Stake) Refundable.
You Only Stake a pool Once, after 30 days your Stake is returned to your wallet + 50%
Interest, You are automatically Staked for the next 30 days, it go’s round and round.

START as a Free Member and work your way up the pools.
Pool Free Login Reward 1 cent per day
Pool 1 $2.00 Login Reward 10 cent per day
Pool 2 $3.75 Login Reward 25 cent per day
Pool 3 $6.25 Login Reward 50 cent per day
Pool 4 $12.5 Login Reward $1 per day
Pool 5 $25.00 Login Reward $2 per day
Pool 6 $75.00 Login Reward $5 per day

You can take the short-cut? Stake all pools total cast $125 But you will get
25% discount. You Only Do It Once.
A Stake is a Deposit, here its only 30 day Deposit

6 Lotteries, Drawn 1st of every month, 1000’s of prizes, top prize $80k to $100k, you gotta be in it to win it?

Admin Live Video Daily Facebook.


Need help, any Questions Reply this Email.

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