Not one person is saying “NO” [FIRST_NAME]

A friend of mine asked me a simple question.

I had no idea why he asked me this because it was a stupid question, actually.

He said, “I’m asking everybody I talk to today this question: What does “Y.E.S.” spell?”

I said, “Okay, I’ll bite. It spells “YES!” “Why are you asking everybody this stupid question?”

He said to me, “DUH! Not one single person is saying, “NO.”

I asked, “What’s your point?”

He asked, “Wouldn’t it be nice if each and every person that saw a way to receive Leads every Day 24/7, like we do, said, ‘YES’ to the opportunity?”

He’s right. Even I said “NO” at first, because it seemed too good to be true.

I mean, seriously, it takes a lot of time, knowledge and money for anyone who owns a business to generate that many Leads every single day to look at their business!

At the very least, we can all say “YES” to taking a look at how to receive Leads Every Day, all year!

Saying “YES” is a bold move.

Saying “YES” to simply looking is a no-brainer..