10X Mailer Joins the “Your Viral” Family

10X Mailer just relaunched as a “Your Viral” site!

You have probably seen Your Viral List, Your Viral Mailer, and Your Viral Traffic, that Matthew Graves launched in the last 4 months. You couldn’t miss them because the signup pages have been everywhere.

With over 12,000 people joining in the first 120 days, that means over 100 new signups a day!

The best part is that those signups get added automatically to your auto-responder, like Get Response or AWeber, so you are building your list while earning 50% commissions and getting credits to promote your site.

As a promotion tool, they have been off the charts as well, with double digit click rates and signups from almost every email sent.

These amazing results and features are due to the unique “Your Viral” method of list building and promotion, which is custom programmed into the code.

Now 10X Mailer, another of Matthew’s existing mailers is moving to the “Your Viral” platform. How about a 10% guaranteed click rate on all the emails you send?

Join 10X Mailer today and experience the difference that “results focus” can make to your signups and sales.